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    We are

    Urja Organic Farms Private Limited

    Amol Mali: +91-8149990716
    Nikkhil Sonar: +91-9881402630
    Kedar Joshi: +91-9175455305


    Shop No 10, Spring filed CHS, Tirupati Town, Swami Vivekanand Marg, Pramod Nagar, Off Gangapur Road, Nashik – 422013

    Arpit Ninawe
    Rajiv Nagar, Nashik

    “Had a great experience of naturally grown vegetables. Me and my family really felt the difference between the regular vegetables which we buy from the market. Really happy to get natural vegetables with reasonable and with the same rates which are going in the market. This is actually very important; Quality + Affordable. Because usually when things are organic their prices are high in the market. Thanks to Urjafarms for making this facility available for everyone.“

    Kirti Mendre
    Hirawadi, Nashik

    “Urjafarms च्या सेंद्रिय भाज्या मी घेते. त्या दिसायला जरी रेग्युलर भाजी सारख्या दिसत असल्या तरी त्यांची टेस्ट खुपच छान आणि एकदम नॅचरल होती. Specially भोपळा, शेवगा च्या शेंगा यांची टेस्ट अप्रतीम आहे. प्रत्येक भाजीची चव बाजारत मिळ्णाऱ्या भाजी पेक्षा नक्किच वेगळी आहे. आणि प्रत्येकाच्या आरोग्यासाठी हितकारक आहेत. सगळ्यात महत्वाचे market rate मधे त्या उपलब्ध आहेत. तरी आपण Urjafarms ची भाजी खाऊन prevention वर फोकस ठेवावा.“

    Subhash Lagali
    Ashoka Marg, Nashik

    “The most valuable feedback for me about veggies and fruits supplied by Urjafarms was given by my father. He simply told me that the taste, fragrance and look of this produce is almost like he used to eat when he was young. That was the time when majority of farmers were not using chemicals. Thanks to Urjafarms for their effort.“

    Contact Us

    Amol Mali: +91-8149990716
    Kedar Joshi: +91-9175455305

    Reg. Address: 4, Lotus Apartment, Indira Nagar,
    Nashik 422009, MH, India

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